Human Resources Outsourcing

Human resource encompasses the people who constitute an organisation and participate in its functioning. Human resource is the absolute necessity in order to ensure utilisation of all other forms of resources, and functioning of an organisation, and Stack Dusk is fully committed to meeting your demands in human resources, by helping you outsource skilled individuals for tasks requiring technical expertise, as well as non-technical services. Contribution is made through skill, aptitude and abilities, which are the main assets of human resources. Through human resource outsourcing, a third party is entrusted with the management of the human resources of an organisation, and we are utterly devoted to upholding your trust in us. Stack Dusk efficaciously provides technical as well as non-technical human resources outsourcing.

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• Technical human resource outsourcing- Stack Dusk provides human resource outsourcing services in the form of skilled experts with expertise in esoteric and intensively technical fields such as IT development, software operation, hardware testing and repair, as well as overhauling and restoration of devices. Through rigorous selection and catering to special requirements, Stack Dusk extends to you the services of extremely talented and technically sound individuals with a high level of experience and command over their respective fields, who are dedicated to proffering you with the best service you can get. • Non-technical human resource outsourcing- Stack Dusk renders services in non-technical human resource outsourcing, involving individuals that are trained with a general overview of specific tasks. Stack Dusk brings you in contact with individuals who have high cognitive, social, and personal skillsets, in order to carry out and perform non-technical tasks, which are equally important in an ever-evolving and thriving industry vertical. These individuals will be adaptable, versatile, and complaint, in addition to being cooperative in order to fulfil all your needs with the skills they bring. Services will be provided through gardeners, labourers and horticulturists, in execution of the labour-intensive areas requiring relatively less hard skills, but rich soft skills and eyes for detail, as well as creativity.”