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E-commerce support and Account Management

Before you get to an account management google up, let us tell you that by definition, Account Management is a service that lays emphasis on customer relationship management. Account management objectives are vital for maintaining credibility and increasing customer satisfaction. With experts with account management key skills and qualifications in its salesforce, Stack Dusk is committed to helping you achieve your account management goals by formulating an effective account management... Read More

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GeM Support

Stack Dusk renders indispensable GeM business support, to kickstart and fuel your business needs and help your business flourish. GeM refers to Government E-Marketplace, which is an online forum for effective and sustainable procurement of common user goods and services, by government departments, organisations, and PSUs. With its GeM support, Stack Dusk aims to enhance transparency, efficiency and speed in the way your business delivers, and in public procurement. It provides the tools of... Read More

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Website Development

Website development comprises of creation, design, and maintenance and upkeep of a fully functional website, encompassing web designing, publishing, programming, and database management; which enables creation of webpages, utilising a web-based interface. It involves the non-design aspects of website building, including writing markup and coding. Website development and design can be an intricate and complex process, which Stack Dusk is here to simplify for you. Stack Dusk is a well-known... Read More

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An Internship supplements the skills and expertise of any budding professional in any field, and is essential. Stack Dusk provides internships that add meaning and value to your career. An internship is much more than merely a certificate, and Stack Dusk helps you realise that. Prestigious internships can add to your curriculum vitae. Interns at websites such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and other famous companies and workplaces have been successful at shaping their career profiles, as will be... Read More


MSME growth can be tremendously achieved with the help of Stack Dusk’s services. MSME in full form stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which form a flourishing sector of the Indian economy. They are classified as per the MSME Development Act, 2006, into two classes: Manufacturing enterprises, which deal with the production of goods by utilising equipment in order to process raw material, and are defined in terms of the investment in the plant and machinery; Service enterprises,... Read More

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GS1 Barcode

GS1 or Global Standards 1 Barcodes are symbols used for electronic identification and encoding of information pertaining to a product, such as product number, serial number, and batch number. A GS1 Barcode is created through a GS1 Barcode generator utilizing advanced software, in order to ensure compliance with the GS1 regulations. Stack Dusk aims to make the use of GS1 barcode lucid and easy. A GS1 Barcode uniquely identifies your product when it goes through a checker or a scanner. Searches... Read More

Business Management and Consultancy

Business management and consultancy services cater to the progress of a business, analysing its current issues and problems, proposing plausible and workable solutions strategic for development of the business, and overseeing the performance of such development strategies and plans. The business management and consultancy services provided by Stack Dust are purposive towards achieving exceptional results in business performance by facilitating the maximisation of growth, increasing business... Read More

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E-tendering by definition, makes it possible for the entirety of the tendering process, right up to the conclusion of the contract, inclusive of exchange of relevant documents, to take place in the online format. This makes the paper-based format redundant and promotes speedier and expedited transaction and exchange of information. The entire process, right from advertisement to finalization of a contract, takes place online. Stack Dusk adds meaning and value to the e-tendering system, frees up... Read More

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SEO-Digital Marketing

Stack Dusk caters to all your needs to build and maintain a powerful online presence, through SEO and Digital marketing. Our SEO and Digital Marketing services can make all the difference in helping your business reach greater heights. Stack Dusk, through its SEO services, makes the process of getting traffic sourced from the free, organic, editorial, and natural search results on search engines, as uncomplicated as it can get. It is vital to possess an online presence in contemporary times,... Read More

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Promotions and Campaign

Promotions and campaigns are the methods by which the advantages of a particular product over other similar products, is communicated and emphasised to and targeted at specific customers. Stack Dusk, through its business promotions, brings the business to the forefront and invigorates interest, generates awareness, and creates persuasion and a good image in the minds of potential and existing customers to increase the worth of the product and increase its demand thus. Promotional campaigns... Read More

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Logo Designing and Image Editing

A logo or image creates a visually represented identity, which is often associated with an idea or product in the minds of the customers. Designing it requires prudence, fastidious judgement, precision in depiction, and careful visual representation, fuelled by creativity, all of which Stack Dusk is more than equipped to provide. Making sagacious use of online and graphic resources and inventive utilisation of software, Stack Dusk assays its logo designing by bringing into play various tools... Read More

Live Plant Wholesaler and Distributor

Plants are the lifeline of the world, and bring vibrance and prosperity to any space they adorn. They make any surroundings more liveable, and act as natural coolants and air purifiers. Live plants not only give out fresh oxygen, but also confer aesthetic beauty to a place. Plants have a variety of uses, and whatever be the customer’s needs, the answer lies in a plant. Stack Dusk is a live plant wholesaler and distributor, dealing in all kinds of well-tended and healthy plants ranging... Read More

Landscaping and Gardening Services

Stack Dusk provides excellent landscaping and gardening services in order to modify the external features and attributes of the land and environment, to make it appear appealing and inviting. Stack Dusk carries out extensive and exhilarating landscaping design, lawn care and gardening services, and supplies you with amazing landscaping design, landscaping types, landscaping plans, landscaping architecture, landscaping principles, elements, gardening ideas and gardening accessories to modify the... Read More

Human Resources Outsourcing

Human resource encompasses the people who constitute an organisation and participate in its functioning. Human resource is the absolute necessity in order to ensure utilisation of all other forms of resources, and functioning of an organisation, and Stack Dusk is fully committed to meeting your demands in human resources, by helping you outsource skilled individuals for tasks requiring technical expertise, as well as non-technical services. Contribution is made through skill, aptitude and... Read More

Annual Maintenance Contract

An Annual Maintenance Contract is a form of enforceable agreement with the service provider for reconditioning and upkeep inclusive of service support. Its indispensability is realised in the event of a breakdown and malfunction of the device or system. An Annual Maintenance Contract for computers and software is essential to maintain the functionality and efficiency of the device and technology in the long run. Affordable and expeditious service is provided by Stack Dusk in order to tackle... Read More

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