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E-commerce support and Account Management

Before you get to an account management google up, let us tell you that by definition, Account Management is a service that lays emphasis on customer relationship management. Account management objectives are vital for maintaining credibility and increasing customer satisfaction. With experts with account management key skills and qualifications in its salesforce, Stack Dusk is committed to helping you achieve your account management goals by formulating an effective account management... Read More

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GeM Support

Stack Dusk renders indispensable GeM business support, to kickstart and fuel your business needs and help your business flourish. GeM refers to Government E-Marketplace, which is an online forum for effective and sustainable procurement of common user goods and services, by government departments, organisations, and PSUs. With its GeM support, Stack Dusk aims to enhance transparency, efficiency and speed in the way your business delivers, and in public procurement. It provides the tools of... Read More

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Website Development

Website development comprises of creation, design, and maintenance and upkeep of a fully functional website, encompassing web designing, publishing, programming, and database management; which enables creation of webpages, utilising a web-based interface. It involves the non-design aspects of website building, including writing markup and coding. Website development and design can be an intricate and complex process, which Stack Dusk is here to simplify for you. Stack Dusk is a well-known... Read More

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An Internship supplements the skills and expertise of any budding professional in any field, and is essential. Stack Dusk provides internships that add meaning and value to your career. An internship is much more than merely a certificate, and Stack Dusk helps you realise that. Prestigious internships can add to your curriculum vitae. Interns at websites such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and other famous companies and workplaces have been successful at shaping their career profiles, as will be... Read More

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Our roots are deep in agribusiness, and we count many of the nation’s largest fresh Plant and Seed companies as customers. But we also serve businesses in many other sectors too, from Development to E-commerce, manufacturing to technology. Learn more about working with STACKDUSK.

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Our environment that combines your business initiatives with tailored IT Solutions, we’ve solved many of your challenges before.

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Receive full 24-hour support from our expert or pick and choose the support plan that best fits your organization’s needs.

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Very happy with their web design service! They did what they said they were going to do. I will work with them on other website projects. My website looks great and functions very well

Sathya Krishna


Service :Website Development


Great professional website design work by Stackdusk . I liked their web design skills and really appreciate the creativity. I would surely recommend to everyone.

Sumith T S


Service :Website Development


Stackdusk is Good SEO and website development company in Varanasi .Really need to increase your business ill suggest you to techiesys one of the best choice for your digital growth

ajay singh

Branch Manger

Service :SEO-Digital Marketing


Best development experience with stackdusk .

Rajesh Sharma

marketing manager

Service :Business Management and Consultancy


They offered good and healthy plant at very low cost.

Duganand Jha


Service :Live Plant Wholesaler and Distributor


StackDusk, A Passionate team of young talents. Highly expertise and deep knowledge of website and digital marketing helps clients attain the best results. Easy accessible top Management.

Astha Rani


Service :SEO-Digital Marketing


2020-06-19 | By Ankit

Blockchain: Know What You Need To

As compared to the times of analog, today, when we link information on the world wide web, we allow ourselves to discover facts, create ideas, buy and sell things, and forge new relationships at a degree, speed and scale that was definitely unimaginable and unthought of previously. Technology has been undergoing rapid developments and advancements, and the world has been radically catching up to the novel bursts of virtual activity.


2020-06-17 | By Ankit

A Unique and Complete Guide to Pruning Grapevines

Grapes are one of the sweetest and subtlest tasting fruits. In addition to having great health benefits, replete with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, grapes can be a delicacy indeed, but also delicate to grow. What is more delightful than eating grapes, is growing them. Grapevines can be immensely gratifying, and vineyards can be greatly profitable, monetarily, and spiritually. Once a vineyard has been established its ongoing management is necessary to keep it in top producing form.... Read More


2020-06-15 | By Ankit


Mental Health is an extremely spoken about, but seldom addressed topic in the social sphere. As mental health is more abstract and less tangible than physical health, recognising ailments gets tougher as compared to diagnosing and treating physical diseases and disorders. Conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety can all affect mental health and be detrimental for a person’s overall wellbeing, and disrupt a person’s routine. Problems in mental health have always existed, and so has... Read More


2020-06-14 | By Ankit

3 Steps to a Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Content are the three kings of modern digital marketing. Optimising content to cater to the audience that you wish to target, requires a test, learn and scale philosophy. The continuously changing landscape of the web demands digital continual improvement; integrating SEO, social media and content strategy. If you want to be discovered by consumers easily, you definitely need to get the basics right. Effective methodology ensures intended and... Read More