Securing the Cyberspace through Information Technology Solutions

The world today, is wholly dependent upon a parallel virtual world, for its running and smooth functioning. Information technology has managed to pervade all aspects of our daily lives, and holds utmost pertinence in the professional world. All interactions involving significant use of acumen in order to render services, have become transactions of information between the real and the virtual world. Scientists estimate that the current storage capacity of the world in terms of memory of

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The Intermingling of the Virtual and Real World: The Internet of Things

We are surrounded by a myriad of physical objects that we interact with on a daily basis. Starting from the toothbrush that we take first thing in the morning, to the comb we use on our hair, the mirror we look into, the toaster we heat our bread in, the glass we pour our milk into, the doors we open, the paths we walk on, the air conditioners we turn on or off, the watch we occasionally glance at, the desks and chairs we mundanely rotate on, the televisions we stare into, the water bottles we

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Connections for Convenience: The Utility of Local Area Networks

The technology that the world is at present, dealing with, has reduced the understanding of the global village into one of a series of virtual interconnections. The interconnectivity currently experienced necessitates speed, efficiency, accuracy and expansivity in our networks. Which is where a LAN comes in extremely handy. LAN, or local area network, is series of connections between the hardware and software of the computers, devices and other requisite components within a particular area,

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Errors to Evade while Editing an Image

Editing an image can be an amazing experience. It almost feels like a customisation of reality. Photography captures a moment. A picture can be worth a thousand words, and a picture can be a thousand glances, if edited right. Editing the perfect headshot or converting a memorable photograph into a perfect portrait can be painstakingly demanding. But with technological advancements, and application of precision, image editing can transform the impact made by an image.

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