What to Consider for a Balcony Garden

A balcony can be an amazing place for a morning coffee, a skim through the newspaper, a casual glance at the road, drying clothes, and doing so many other things. But have you ever imagined supplying your kitchen, garden fresh; or just admiring your sprawling garden, right in your balcony? Growing your garden in your balcony has never been a simpler affair. Cost-effective, space-efficient, and satisfying, balcony gardens can be perfect for any plant-lover.

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Innovative Tricks to Utilise an Annoying Invasive Tree Branch

A tree can be a boon to have around indeed, unless it’s too close to your window. An invasive tree branch refers to a tree branch that looms dangerously close to a window or balcony, with the branches sometimes entering the residence. Astray tree branches are extremely annoying, and can often spark tensions between neighbours, give rise to periodic maintenance issues, as well as serious damage if left unattended. Supposing you are encountering a ravaging storm. There is always the risk of

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Peace Lily: Piece of Cake

One plant that can get you the 'inner peace' and balance your 'Chi'? Peace Lily. As the name suggests, the peace lily is a quiet little plant that minds its own business in the corner, with a little love from you. It doesn’t demand attention. It commands it. Scientifically named Spathiphyllum, it is a low-maintenance high-sustenance plant that adds elegance and tranquillity to your living space. The spade like leafy and stolid bloom is one of the best greens that can clean and purify the

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We are often faced with tough choices- either swat the mosquito, use a smoky cough-causing coil or machine, spray the room full of anti-mosquito spray making it unfit for use in the next half an hour, or use the common, potentially skin irritating and greasy mosquito repellent creams, oils and lotions. One must, of course, be extremely wary of the miniscule but murderous little beast that causes innumerable deaths across the world each day with its tiny bite. The illnesses and deaths are caused

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