Creatures in my Backyard

What comes to your mind first when you think of creatures like insects? Creepy-crawlies? Little things flying all around, giving people the heebie-jeebies? Six-legged things that multiply faster than you can multiply six into six? That’s the general idea. Most people grimace at the idea, or the very thought of such creatures. What if we told you, these creatures can adorn your garden? You’d rather spray it with a truckload of pesticide, surely. Surprising as it may be, some creatures are actually beneficial to have in your garden. Be it a full-fledged backyard, or a cosy little table-top pot, where there is life, there’s more life: that is the rule of nature. Hence, where there is a plant, bugs or the like, are likely to follow. However, be rest assured, those living beings are perfectly healthy to have in your green space. They can help in effective pest control, support the life processes of your plants, help it grow, enrich the soil it inhabits, facilitate it by providing it nutrients, and act as an indicator of any underlying ailment your plants may have. They even alleviate any loneliness that a plant, or even you, may face..


Some, such as the flashy red ladybird, or the shiny golden orb weaver with its web, may even prove to be ornamental, and enhance the beauty of your garden by making it vibrant and naturally colourful. The ladybird helps keep away harmful insects called aphids, that may have the potential to destroy the plant, especially if it’s a variety that yields food. Alternatively, spiders can help keep a check on mosquitoes, beetles, flies, moths, and bees too, thus reducing your interaction and chances of getting stung, especially if you’re growing your plant indoors. Their webs not only act as a trap, but also as a factor of beautification, with their intricate designs conferring aesthetic properties to your garden. Bees, though infamous for their nasty stings, play a vital role in pollination, and are a must for your garden if you are growing fruits, or want to have healthy and well-bloomed flowers. It is the small things that count the most in this big world. You can make those small things count by just keeping your window open for life to sustain life, by welcoming useful insects and creatures into your garden to boost the health of your personal verdure..