Greeting with the Greens: Plants as Perfect Gifts

Since time immemorial, plants have not only been seen as a source of food, but also as fuel for imagination. Scores of symbolisms have been associated with various plants in different cultures across the world. Oodles of customs and traditions have been established based on the life cycle and the exchange of particular plant varieties. Plants have also featured in several allusions in poetry, prose, literature, music, dance, art, and many other forms of expressions of culture. As plants form an integral part of our heritage, and our social lives, the are apt and felicitous as gifts, pertaining to the respective occasion..


Here are some universal occasions, and the perfect plants to be gifted- • At a Wedding- Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that encounters an abundance, or rather extravagance of gifts. To stand out from the crowd, gift the newly-wed couple a quaint little plant for their new-founded home. Myrtle and orange blossoms are symbols of good fortune and love in marriage. Myrtles are symbolic of pure love, and make a good choice for indoor as well as outdoor gardening. Orange blossoms have been associated with fertility, innocence, purity, and love, and have been associated with marriage, and the welcoming of a bride in Chinese, Indian and Persian cultures. Jade is another variety that makes for an excellent gift; as the beautiful succulent plant depicts growth, renewal, wealth and prosperity. It is considered a great gift at the start of anything new. Philodendrons are another great wedding gift, representing abundance. • On a Birthday- Birthdays are heralds of progress, fortitude, prosperity, health, happiness, and joy. Birthdays come in all seasons and times, and therefore, the plants that can be gifted on birthdays come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Primarily, lucky bamboos are symbols of happiness, good fortune and longevity. A bamboo plant with three stalks signifies a long and happy life, thus making it a perfect gift on such a merry occasion. Plant gifts for a birthday can also be customized as per the birth month pertaining to the floral aspect. January calls for Carnations, Violets and Irises forming February blooms, March synonymous with Daffodils, while Sweet peas and Daisies adorn April well, Lilies do well for May, while Honeysuckles are perfect birthdays for a June-born, July marked with Larkspur, Gladiolus a good gift for those born in August, September welcoming Asters or Morning Glories, Marigolds symbols for those born in October, Chrysanthemums perfect for November, and Poinsettias can be gifted to those born in December. • At a Funeral- Funerals can be depressing, as it is the departing of a loved one that pains one the most. However, it is a time for condolence, for reassurance, and peace. It can often be awkward to find gifts for those in mourning. It can be vexing, infuriating even. In such occasions, plants give you the answer you were looking for. Plants are wonderful and soothing as sympathy gifts, and can even be used reminiscent of the departed soul. Peace lilies, for instance, symbolize peace, tranquility, innocence, purity, and rebirth. They are often used in funeral arrangements, and might serve as a reminder of the good times had. A Bonsai tree is another appropriate choice for a funeral gift, denoting peace, calm, and inner strength. Gardenia is another somber plant, an indication of purity, love, trust in the divine, and clarity, apt for a funeral gift. Be it a celebration, or a greeting, mourning, or reassurance, plants are perfect gifts for any occasion. There are numerous festivities and ceremonies observed all around the world, including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Diwali, Navratri, Ramzan, Eid, and a multitude of others, the above list being too perfunctory to accommodate every possible jamboree. But one thing is certain- for every possible occasion, there is a plant that can be gifted..