The Best Garden for Plant-Lovers Allergic to Pollen

It is a nightmare to be a plant-lover, yet be allergic to pollen. Pollen is something that every gardener finds that is inevitable to interact with during the course of handling plants. Yet, it can be terrible for those who have allergies that pollen is known to cause, ranging from mild symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose, to more sever ones such as rashes or anaphylaxis. Luckily, there exist a range of flowers and plants that reduce the risk of contracting such an allergy and encountering its symptoms..


Find below, an exciting list, of hypoallergenic plants for plant-lovers with pollen allergy- • Carnations- they come in a variety of colours, like pink, red, violet, or purple, and the bloom is long-lasting, even after being cut. They may be grown in pots or in floral arrays or patches. • Hydrangeas- they are perennial, and give your garden a full and plush look, making it colourful and bright. They add hues such as ivory, yellow, blue, and pink, to make your garden more attractive and less allergy-inducing. • Orchids- due to having sticky pollen, it is highly unlikely for the pollen to become air-borne, which makes them perfect to avoid allergies. They can be cultivated by different methods, both as table-top or sprawling garden varieties. • Peonies- they offer long-lived, fragrant and elegant ornamentation to your garden, blooming around late-spring. They are also deer and rabbit resistant. Often it is found, that peonies change colour as they bloom, presenting a spectacular transformation. Do not fret, or regret, if you have pollen allergy, as nature always comes to the rescue of those who love it. Enjoy tending for your garden worry-free and allergy free with these and many other varieties of plants that you definitely need not avoid despite allergic responses..