Dance your way to Fitness: Health Benefits of Dance

Dancing is one of the most fun activities that humans inherently do, since childhood. Though as an adult, one tends to get conscious and avoid embarrassment, the urge to dance when in extreme and pure joy, in exclamation of success or victory and jubilation, comes naturally to us. Well, maybe you should rethink, and dance after all. Dance is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise, as it involves movement in all directions, demanding expending a lot of energy, engaging all parts of your body in synchronization with the rhythm..


The following are the reasons why you should take up dancing as your routine workout: • It engages all parts of your body- dancing includes a sequence of complex movements that inevitably require participation from each part of your body. You involve more of your body than you think, involuntarily, without even realizing it, when you dance. Footwork, hand gestures, and rapid movement, as well as changes in acceleration, ensure that dancing constitutes a whole-body workout. • It involves alternate stretches and contractions- due to the sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead, the human body finds itself in a tight spot, unable to stretch adequately or strive to its full potential. Dancing ensures that your joints and muscles are in top shape by providing them with adequate and alternate stretches and contractions. • It boosts mood and mental health- As dancing is a joyful and inventive exercise, it stimulates creativity, allows you to socialize if done in groups, and improves your mood and mental health. As it is often done to music, it also synchronises your movements to the beat, thus expanding your mental capacities, and is even known to increase your memory. • It improves coordination- Dancing necessitates the moves to be carried out in a particular fashion where the direction or manner of movement of one of your appendages depends on the other, thus improving coordination. • It facilitates perspiration and regulates hunger- Dancing boosts circulation and as you sweat, it involves healthy expulsion of toxins and wastes, and regulates hunger, prompting you to eat healthy too. Dancing needs no further reason to be taken up as an exercise It keeps you hale, healthy, and happy. After all, what better to a workout than tapping your feet to the beat?.