Xeriscaping: Transform Your Garden

Water is a very precious resource. It is the reason life exists on our planet. The thought that we are fortunate to be able to have access to clean and healthy water itself makes us realise its value, and express gratitude. It does not matter whether you live in an area that is full of lakes and rivers, or in a hot and arid desert landscape, water is not to be wasted. So, you think one of the reasons why you don’t think setting up a garden is a good idea, is because of this global scarcity of water? Think again. Xeriscaping is here to the rescue..


Xeriscaping is a method of creating and maintaining landscapes with minimal need and usage of water and artificial irrigation. Xeriscaping merely uses the water that is naturally available through rain or underground reservoirs to fulfil its necessity for water. Xeriscaping consumes far less water than a normal garden would need. Here are three main reasons why you should go for xeriscaping- • Financially efficient- xeriscaping will not burn a hole in your pocket as compared to maintaining a normal garden. A common misconception is that buying exotic species for xeriscaping is expensive. This is a myth, because the practice of xeriscaping involves use of indigenous plant varieties that are available locally, and have your locale as their natural habitat. These are cost-efficient and relatively cheaper to plant, and can be procured from a local nursery or garden centre easily. Xeriscaping also reduces your expenditure in pest control and weeding, as most plants suitable for a xeriscape are resistant to pests and naturally repel growth of weeds. • Environment friendly- the biggest benefit of xeriscaping is the efficient and sustainable use of water. Xeriscapes greatly save water by requiring minimal irrigation. The succulent stems of the plants in a xeriscape can store water to cover during contingency. These plants also participate greatly in soil improvement, and may locate, utilise, as well as periodically replenish perennial sources of water underground. Plants species used in a xeriscape are also known to carry out more effective photosynthesis, and therefore give out more oxygen, and make full use of solar energy, playing their part in fighting global warming, pollution, and enhancing the sustainability of your garden. • Aesthetically pleasing- most people imagine xeriscaping as landscapes that look barren, full of cacti, pebbles, and rocks, all brown and grey, with limited amount of green and pretty spaces. That is far from true. Xeriscaping can be extremely aesthetically pleasing. Floral varieties, mulches, and uniquely patterned plants can make your xeriscape look no less than a botanical garden in itself. Xeriscaping can turn out to be the most enjoyable gardening experience. With low-maintenance, and immense benefits, xeriscaping is naturally transforming gardens across the world into more water-efficient and sustainable spaces. All the more reason why you should give it a try too..