Chore Gymming

With the lockdown extending beyond what we would have imagined, and gyms, sports and fitness centres remaining closed, all those who used their time in the gym for bodybuilding, doing their regular workout, using the treadmill, regular cardio, lifting weights, and receiving their daily dose of exercise (and gossip), would be worried sick. With the diet gone for a toss, and people immersing their stress in a slice of pizza, cheese hamburger, or the regular heavy khichdi, food and fat seem to be increasing guilt. The lockdown due to coronavirus seems to have become a rather long cheat meal. Days go by unproductively, when we seem to be eternally busy, while achieving nothing. In spite of all this, there are ways to remain fit and healthy. The quarantine is for covid-19 and gyms, not for your spirit..


It is understandable that the chores around the house take up all your time. But those chores can help you gain your strength effortlessly. That’s where chore gymming comes in. You can effectively use your time doing chores, to improve your fitness. Here are ways in which you can get fit while completing the chores around the house- • Sweeping/Mopping/Vacuuming- This mundane task, can immensely strengthen your core muscles, as well as provide you the necessary stretches you need. Extending the broom or vacuum cleaner under a couch, table, or cupboard, can work your triceps and lateral muscles just as well as gym equipment, and also make you do the walking that you would otherwise have needed the treadmill for, around the house. Moving bulky and heavy furniture for this purpose also resembles lifting weights. • Washing dishes- How could doing the dishes possibly burn the calories? You may ask. Here is where you need to get creative. Doing the dishes can expend as much energy as gym workouts, if done right. The effort required to remove stains off the vessels can be used as a good exercise for your triceps as well as biceps. Place the utensils to dry after washing, either in a drawer behind you, under, or overhead, thus making you move around. Use less soap and more force. Washing dishes can be fun too. So just like the soap bubble, you can grow your fitness goals with a dish-washing workout. • Doing the laundry- Loading and unloading clothes, especially heavy duty laundry, can include squats, lunges, and resemble aerobics, all in one. Take out the laundry singly, one by one, to get the benefit of a workout, encompassing washing, hanging to dry, and folding. Chores maybe mundane, but you don’t have to let them be. You can utilise them in more than one ways to get the gymming experience. Get innovative with how you do the chores, and chore gymming can be your new fitness regime to get rid of those lockdown blues, and get done with those chores, simultaneously. Two birds, one stone..