Errors to Evade while Editing an Image

Editing an image can be an amazing experience. It almost feels like a customisation of reality. Photography captures a moment. A picture can be worth a thousand words, and a picture can be a thousand glances, if edited right. Editing the perfect headshot or converting a memorable photograph into a perfect portrait can be painstakingly demanding. But with technological advancements, and application of precision, image editing can transform the impact made by an image..


Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom are commonly used to edit images. However, it is best to avoid common mistakes done while editing, and in order to keep these errors at bay, it is essential to understand them and know them first. Here are a few errors to evade while editing an image- • Excessive zooming- Bringing an image to a close up often brings greater details into focus, however, if done beyond an extent, the image can look blurred and distorted. Zooming into an image or a particular portion of it merely enlarges the pixels, and does not increase them, which leads to distortion and poor image quality. It is best to avoid zooming in too much, to keep your images smooth and clear. • Over processing- Processing an image more than necessary can make it look unnatural and unappealing. The human eye is sensitive, and can detect minute changes and variations in colour schemes, and thus instantly catch incredulous processing. Saturation and contrast have been found to be most overused, and though they can help sharpen an image and highlight the crux, they might deviate from their object if overused. • Ineffective crops and background removals- Often times, to make a part of the image more prominent, another part of the captured image is eliminated. However, it needs to be cut out just to the degree that it may look natural and accentuated, and not deliberate and obvious. Cutting out a part of an image needs accuracy, and must not be used in a mere attempt to undo all the mistakes done while shooting an image. Image editing is a blissful and fun endeavour if correctly carried out. Technology can be a boon when you create and see exactly what you wish to..