What to Consider for a Balcony Garden

A balcony can be an amazing place for a morning coffee, a skim through the newspaper, a casual glance at the road, drying clothes, and doing so many other things. But have you ever imagined supplying your kitchen, garden fresh; or just admiring your sprawling garden, right in your balcony? Growing your garden in your balcony has never been a simpler affair. Cost-effective, space-efficient, and satisfying, balcony gardens can be perfect for any plant-lover..


A few important questions to ask yourself before you set up one, are- • How much and how well, can you utilise your space? Within the space that you have, it is important to assess how best to arrange the plants, ensuring each gets enough sunlight, soil, and room to grow. If you live in an apartment building, it is also important to consult with your neighbours to ensure that there is no possibility of the plants creating any nuisance for them. Having a cosy and comfortable garden, as opposed to an overflowing, stuffy and cramped garden, is imperative. • What kind of plants would do best? Depending upon how much sunlight and wind your balcony gets, and how you wish to use your garden, the choice of the kinds of varieties to be grown are to be decided. If you wish to grow vegetables to utilise in the kitchen, varieties such as beans and tomato are easiest to grow, with minimal maintenance. Peppers, chillies, and cucumbers are other good options to try. It is ideal to choose herbs and shrubs that do not penetrate too deep into the soil, and will do well with adequate sunlight, water, and moderate winds. If you are looking for a more ornamental garden, or a lush green expanse, cultivating climbers and creepers like money plants, morning glory, and others will adorn a balcony beautifully. • How much time and care can you devote? Nurturing a garden does require some time, and depending on the types and number of plants, it will require tending to, periodic watering, and other activities. It is best to start small and expand to see if you can prioritise gardening activities within your schedule. Gardening is great to bond with family, hence involving multiple members is a bonus. Having a balcony garden can be extremely beneficial, especially in the urban set up. It can be fulfilling, for your kitchen, as well as your conscience. Why look for a balcony with garden view, when you can have the garden right in your balcony?.