8 Quirky Ways to Boost your Memory Power

Remember the song ‘Remember me’ ?

Every day, thousands of things on your mind are singing it you. Every other minute, there are a gazillion things screaming for your attention, needing to be remembered. Your brain has a finite amount of space for memory allocation, and unless you’re an expert at memory management, it is absolutely normal to feel confused and overloaded.

For instance, try reading this in five seconds, and remembering this in thirty seconds, focusing on the text, ignoring the colour-

blue purple yellow orange red black yellow green blue green yellow black

You did great! Now, try reading the same thing, ignoring the text, only reading the colours in five seconds.

Yes, that's the kind of confusion that ensues.

Before you start fretting and panicking about an early onset of a brain disease, and start googling memory lapse causes because you forgot what you came to the store to buy, or forgot your distant grandaunt’s birthday, take a breath. Relax. It’s just a case of good memory bad recall.

A good memory is definitely desirable, that cannot be denied. The key to good memory and retention is leading a healthy and happy life. A healthy lifestyle can change the way you think, and have a positive impact on the brain. But a positive lifestyle does not have to be impossibly hard to attain. Helping your brain and the memory lies in your hands, and can be as simple as chewing gum (literally!). Here are 8 quirky and unusual ways to boost your memory-

  • Chew gum while thinking or learning- Yes, we are talking about chewing gum, and memory research says that the connection between memory and the gum is not so bizarre after all. Chewing gum increases the brain activity in the hippocampus region, sharpening your memory. The gum improves memory when you increase the activity carried out by your jaw, and the memory boost that it provides can be officially counted as one of the many chewing gum advantages.
  • Cut down on the sugar- It may be a bit obvious, but sugar hits your brain like a mallet hits a gong. It shakes it up. Many studies effectively connect sugar consumption and memory loss. Sugar affects memory and reduces cognitive capabilities, and contributes to a decline in brain volume. While excessive sugar and memory loss do go together, some consumption of sugar is necessary to help memory function normally. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t get disheartened all that soon.
  • Smell rosemary aroma- A great smelling room is not just a respite for your nose, but also a boost for your brain. New smells in particular, have the effect of giving a jog to the brain. Take for instance, the sweet and strong aroma of rosemary. Rosemary, among its many health benefits, is also helpful in reducing memory loss, and studies have observed that the smell of rosemary is responsible for significant memory improvement. It can be considered a sort of aromatherapy to boost memory. Rosemary essential oils and rosemary balms act as memory enhancers. It would be ideal to grow a rosemary plant at your windowsill, so that you wake up to the smell of rosemary, and your brain wakes up to a healthy and sharper memory.
  • Socialize more- Research suggests that the benefits of socializing are much more than perceived before. By definition, socializing means to participate in social activities and socially interact with others. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, socializing boosts the activity of your grey cells, and excites them to the right state to facilitate memory and retention. It helps repair damaged tissue, and carry out cycles and processes necessary for efficient brain function. Whether you would prefer socializing through an app or media, or would like to do it in person, maintaining a healthy social life is key to boosting brain health and acquiring an active and absorbent memory. Who knew talking would do all the talking when it comes to memory?


  • Creep into Deep Sleep- Whenever you think of remembering, or learning, it’s usually the late nights that flash to your mind, waking, working, right? Well, that’s one of the surefire ways to kill memory, actually. Studies point out that good sleep is essential to good memory. Long term memory is developed during sleep, and it is important for short term memory to be converted into long term memory, so that synapses and synaptic plasticity are effectively developed. Eight or nine hours of sleep is found best, according to research. The quality of memory consolidation, concentration, brainwaves, and connections made during sleep, depend on everything impacting sleep, from a comfy mattress, pillow, the posture maintained, the intensity of sleep, and other factors. Sleep deprivation can cause depression, anxiety, and other problems that can also separately lead to memory loss. So for a perfectly seasoned memory, sleep well.
  • Eat dark chocolate- According to researchers, an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but having a dark chocolate can keep memory problems away. Dark chocolate benefits include reducing stress, and improving memory by altering brain frequency. Dark chocolate has sufficient fibre and antioxidants to supplement the brain and assist it to perform complex functions like memory and retention. How sweet, isn’t it?
  • Switch workout routines- It is a bit cliched that exercise is good for anything. It is the solution, and the prevention, to anything connected to anything in your body. We’ve often heard that patiently sticking it out in one exercise routine or fitness regime can bear results. But it is found that periodically switching to a new workout model can help boost memory better than following one over long periods of time. This helps your brain improve connections and become more adaptable, and be able to associate things required to be kept in memory better due to the variety it gets exposed to.
  • Give your brain a workout too- Your memory loves brain workout challenges. Be it a game, puzzle, app, or learning process, your brain craves being active. Supplying it with the necessary daily dose of activity keeps it fit and enhances retention and memory manifold. Be it a casual solution to sudoku in the daily newspaper, or an intense game of chess, spontaneous thinking improves memory greatly.

So, to keep your brain in ship-shape, these 8 quirky ways are a great start. They enliven your memory, making you exceptional at remembering, and enhance your memory power and help with memory allocation and management, as well as retention, recall, and storage.

Memories are what make up the stories of our lives. To make better sense of life, you need to take the best care of your memory.