How Important is Digital Marketing for your Business?

Have you ever wondered how many people you see, encounter, talk to, and get to know, in a day?

The average working person in an urban area sees around 100 faces, and interacts indirectly with around 40 people, and interacts directly with around 20 people a day, with variations depending on location, job profile, commute, and other factors.

Interaction in the real world is often impacted by impediments of time, space, and other limitations, which require significant efforts to overcome.

However, did you know, that it is relatively easier to connect with people online? The target audience increases manifold on any given digital platform, factoring in the ease of access to technology, convenience of time and place, and the attractive and progressive outlook of the virtual world. In addition to that, digital marketing helps in the following ways-

  • The number of potential customers that can be targeted online is much greater than that which can be attracted locally, as the average human being spends around one-fourth of a day online, there is a greater probability of reaching your target audience through the digital platform;
  • It makes it possible to interact on a comparatively more personal level, allowing you to assess the requirements of those who may require your products or services, understand their preferences, helping you find the right target groups and establish contact directly with potential customers, and analyse and cater to their needs better;
  • It reduces and mitigates the costs and burdens of undertaking offline, traditional marketing methods, as it is entirely online, and also brings down the necessity of physical marketing methodology which takes up storage space and requires labour, time, and effort, and is thus extremely cost-efficient and resource-saving, while giving you high returns on investment, thus benefitting the business tremendously;
  •  Increases accessibility and creates a participative atmosphere for consumers, making them feel like their inputs matter, through comments and reviews and other relevant methods, and encourages customers through direct impact, thus improving brand loyalty;
  • Responses can be gauged instantaneously, and reaping the results of marketing efforts is measurable, and can be easily monitored and managed accordingly, therefore allowing you to make necessary strategy changes, improvements, and rectify faults at the right stage and point in time;
  • It builds credibility and reliance, and builds trust in your business, which also comes across as useful in growing your target audience and expanding your business, such that it acts as a stepping stone to the progress of your flourishing and thriving business.


Digital marketing is all about connecting with your current and prospective customers at the right time, in the right place, and now, on the right platform. Business leverage digital channels including search engines, social media, and other websites and online platforms, have revolutionised the way marketing works in the contemporary world. Digital marketing plans and templates abound on various online platforms. Digital marketing tools and tactics play a vital and crucial role in taking your business to your customers.

Resourceful and judicial involvement of online public relation efforts, enabling comments on social media, engaging reviews, and other means to keep your target audience engaged and maintain a healthy and participative atmosphere is essential to maintain a certain level of traffic and thus keep your digital marketing process ongoing and successful. Monitoring key performance indicators of the digital marketing being carried out for your business, driving brand awareness and lead generation help create an impression on the minds of your customers through the digital platform.

A realistic yet ambitious digital marketing plan can help your business grow without being impeded or made obsolete by the constraints imposed on your marketing strategies by the tangible world. Digital marketing is extremely important, if you would like your business goals to be upgraded as fast as technology is updating itself.

Digital marketing is as important as it can get. If you can get digital, you will get far.