What to Consider for a Balcony Garden

A balcony can be an amazing place for a morning coffee, a skim through the newspaper, a casual glance at the road, drying clothes, and doing so many other things. But have you ever imagined supplying your kitchen, garden fresh; or just admiring your sprawling garden, right in your balcony? Growing your garden in your balcony has never been a simpler affair. Cost-effective, space-efficient, and satisfying, balcony gardens can be perfect for any plant-lover.

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Errors to Evade while Editing an Image

Editing an image can be an amazing experience. It almost feels like a customisation of reality. Photography captures a moment. A picture can be worth a thousand words, and a picture can be a thousand glances, if edited right. Editing the perfect headshot or converting a memorable photograph into a perfect portrait can be painstakingly demanding. But with technological advancements, and application of precision, image editing can transform the impact made by an image.

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Chore Gymming

With the lockdown extending beyond what we would have imagined, and gyms, sports and fitness centres remaining closed, all those who used their time in the gym for bodybuilding, doing their regular workout, using the treadmill, regular cardio, lifting weights, and receiving their daily dose of exercise (and gossip), would be worried sick. With the diet gone for a toss, and people immersing their stress in a slice of pizza, cheese hamburger, or the regular heavy khichdi, food and fat seem to be

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Xeriscaping: Transform Your Garden

Water is a very precious resource. It is the reason life exists on our planet. The thought that we are fortunate to be able to have access to clean and healthy water itself makes us realise its value, and express gratitude. It does not matter whether you live in an area that is full of lakes and rivers, or in a hot and arid desert landscape, water is not to be wasted. So, you think one of the reasons why you don’t think setting up a garden is a good idea, is because of this global scarcity

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