Dance your way to Fitness: Health Benefits of Dance

Dancing is one of the most fun activities that humans inherently do, since childhood. Though as an adult, one tends to get conscious and avoid embarrassment, the urge to dance when in extreme and pure joy, in exclamation of success or victory and jubilation, comes naturally to us. Well, maybe you should rethink, and dance after all. Dance is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise, as it involves movement in all directions, demanding expending a lot of energy, engaging all parts of your

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The Best Garden for Plant-Lovers Allergic to Pollen

It is a nightmare to be a plant-lover, yet be allergic to pollen. Pollen is something that every gardener finds that is inevitable to interact with during the course of handling plants. Yet, it can be terrible for those who have allergies that pollen is known to cause, ranging from mild symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose, to more sever ones such as rashes or anaphylaxis. Luckily, there exist a range of flowers and plants that reduce the risk of contracting such an allergy and

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Connections for Convenience: The Utility of Local Area Networks

The technology that the world is at present, dealing with, has reduced the understanding of the global village into one of a series of virtual interconnections. The interconnectivity currently experienced necessitates speed, efficiency, accuracy and expansivity in our networks. Which is where a LAN comes in extremely handy. LAN, or local area network, is series of connections between the hardware and software of the computers, devices and other requisite components within a particular area,

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Greeting with the Greens: Plants as Perfect Gifts

Since time immemorial, plants have not only been seen as a source of food, but also as fuel for imagination. Scores of symbolisms have been associated with various plants in different cultures across the world. Oodles of customs and traditions have been established based on the life cycle and the exchange of particular plant varieties. Plants have also featured in several allusions in poetry, prose, literature, music, dance, art, and many other forms of expressions of culture. As plants form an

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