GeM Support

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Stack Dusk renders indispensable GeM business support, to kickstart and fuel your business needs and help your business flourish. GeM refers to Government E-Marketplace, which is an online forum for effective and sustainable procurement of common user goods and services, by government departments, organisations, and PSUs.

With its GeM support, Stack Dusk aims to enhance transparency, efficiency and speed in the way your business delivers, and in public procurement. It provides the tools of e-bidding, reverse e-auction and demand aggregation to facilitate your business in reaching the government users, achieving for you, the best value and benefit from your business. Stack Dusk helps your business effectively navigate, manipulate, and utilise the GeM services to the fullest.

Stack Dusk makes available to you, GeM support by helping you adhere to the norms, regulations, policies, terms and conditions of the government e-marketplace. It makes the government e-marketplace cost-effective, hospitable and ideal for your business to thrive and flourish in. Stack Dusk provides you GeM support in six of the key areas and processes, namely buyer related, seller related, platform related, strategy related, technology related, and internal support related processes.

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The following are the services provided under the same:

  • GeM registration- Stack Dusk helps you with the GeM registration; the process entails a simple and secure procedure for genuine manufacturers, traders or service providers with the necessary documents, including Udyog Card, Company Registration or LLP Registration. Upon registration through the link on the GeM portal, and access granted to the seller by a username and password, listing and pricing of goods and services offered, can be carried out through the seller account, by government e-marketplace login.
  • Online bidding- Stack Dusk gives you a complete understanding of the online bidding process. It involves competitive offers for the pricing of a product or service by a seller. The customers and sellers may operate a bid by means of system driven evaluation upon provision of technical details. Stack Dusk helps you navigate the online bidding site and get the best price for your products and services, its service unparalleled all over India. Be it online bidding for software projects, products or services that your business sells or provides, Stack Dusk helps you make the best use of the government e-marketplace.
  • Tender management- With efficient tender management, Stack Dusk brings to you a comprehensive and evaluative tender management system, involving the creation and design of proposals or tenders or bids, including competitive pricing, for a product or service, and the supervision of the online bidding process. Be it a tender for event management services, or for regular but unique products and services your business is known for, Stack Dusk ensures that its consultancy for tender management is above par for the best performance of business in the government e-marketplace.
  • GeM Account Management- Stack Dusk provides great assistance with GeM account management and customer servicing. it involves monitoring and bolstering the GeM platform in order to improve relations between the buyer, seller and the GeM platform, thus ensuring better servicing. Stack Dusk ensures maximum customer satisfaction and amicable interaction with customers by employing ultimately best account management practices, and improving customer and user experience. Stack Dusk is dedicated towards achieving your business goals through effective and organised GeM support and GeM customer care. We carry out account management unlike any other, supplying you with the most satisfying account management experience possible. We are with you throughout the technical as well as humane aspects of the journey, and with exceptional GeM account management, Stack Dusk helps you take crucial steps towards realising your dreams in the government e-marketplace.