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An Internship supplements the skills and expertise of any budding professional in any field, and is essential. Stack Dusk provides internships that add meaning and value to your career. An internship is much more than merely a certificate, and Stack Dusk helps you realise that. Prestigious internships can add to your curriculum vitae. Interns at websites such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and other famous companies and workplaces have been successful at shaping their career profiles, as will be made possible for you by the internship programme and opportunities provided by Stack Dusk. An internship with Stack Dusk gives the requisite boost to you, helping you build a shining resume, irrespective of whether you are a student or a professional. Stack Dusk provides internship upon application, in the online mode as well, allowing you to work remotely, akin to the work from home facility, whether you live in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, or anywhere else. The internship certificate and letter on completion will greatly impact and contribute to your future positively.

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best internship companies,best internships,internships near me,internship,companies providing internship,best companies for internship


Laying emphasis on intensive learning experiences and techniques to instil employable skills, Stack Dust will be providing internships in the following areas:

  • Web designing/development- Stack Dusk provides an inexhaustive internship experience in web designing and web development. Training will be provided in the nuanced and subtle art of web designing and development, focusing on facilitating proficiency in coding languages such as PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS, furnishing guidance all the way from the basic level to the expert level. The same will be carried out in the established framework of MVC, Laravel. Interns will be equipped in handling and executing code to help design a base template and build a website in an effective yet appealing manner. Key aspects of functionality, crucial components of web development in line with business and marketing strategies, as well as rethinking designs on the basis of contemporary trends, will be stressed upon. Interns will be acquainted and made comfortable with the coding languages and the framework so that they can go on to work best with them and optimise user experiences and maximise their learning and skill development. Stack Dusk’s one-of-a-kind internship experience imparts interns with confidence, credibility, creativity, and proficiency in the dynamic field of web designing and development.
  • Photo editing- Stack Dusk provides an astounding experience in its photo editing internship. Training will be provided for photo editing, increasing aptitude and adeptness in effective utilisation of technological tools such as Photoshop, in order to achieve the desired aesthetic qualities. Key skills that the internship will touch upon are basic principles of photo editing, photo editing of raw files for colour treatment and retouching, location scouting and location cataloguing for prospective photo shoots, assistance and guidance with every step in the photo editing process, preparing craft services, learning to keep track of crew and clothing credits, file and media management of assets, cost reduction, and the best practices for editing of photos. Stack Dusk provides the perfect encouragement for creative minds and keen eyes, and helps you kindle your career in photo editing, through the internship opportunity.