MSME growth can be tremendously achieved with the help of Stack Dusk’s services. MSME in full form stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which form a flourishing sector of the Indian economy. They are classified as per the MSME Development Act, 2006, into two classes:

Manufacturing enterprises, which deal with the production of goods by utilising equipment in order to process raw material, and are defined in terms of the investment in the plant and machinery;

Service enterprises, which are involved in rendering services and are defined by the investment in equipment.

The process of establishment and functioning of an MSME is neoteric, complex, and vitally extensive, which Stack Dusk makes convenient and simple.

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In furtherance to the development of MSME, the following services are offered by Stack Dusk:

  • Registration- Stack Dusk assists with the registration of your MSME, as the identification and recognition of an MSME is essential in order to accrue to it, the benefits conferred by the MSME Act, and this requires registration with the concerned department in order to support and promote its growth. The Udyog Aadhar Memorandum is the form of registration provided for MSME, for which Stack Dusk would provide full assistance.
  • Certificate generation- Stack Dusk ensures that the successful registration of an MSME culminates in the generation of an MSME certificate. The MSME certificate is to be used to avail the respective benefits, with respect to which support and guidance, and will be provided by Stack Dusk. Stack Dusk looks to expedite the process of acquiring an MSME certificate so that you find the process smooth, enriching, and facilitating your business to grow in leaps and bounds. Stack Dusk is here to help with great support and answers to all your queries regarding an MSME certificate, how to get, how to use, and how to avail benefits, and progress using it.
  • Guidance through different services- Stack Dusk is committed to engaging with you meaningfully to guide you through every step in growing your MSME. Stack Dusk assists you in MSME loans, financial assistance, fiscal policies, and operational procedures. Detailed guidance will be provided with respect to the technical, technological, economic, industrial, managerial, training, and procedural aspects of the process. While creating and furthering opportunities for your growth, preventing impediments that may hinder and slow you down, and applying modern processes for harmonious progress and increased outputs, as is the vision of an MSME, Stack Dusk engenders a prosperous MSME, and accommodates all of your needs and goals with full MSME support.