E-commerce support and Account Management

Before you get to an account management google up, let us tell you that by definition, Account Management is a service that lays emphasis on customer relationship management. Account management objectives are vital for maintaining credibility and increasing customer satisfaction.

With experts with account management key skills and qualifications in its salesforce, Stack Dusk is committed to helping you achieve your account management goals by formulating an effective account management strategy and using latest account management software.

E-commerce Support, by definition, provides customer support on online shopping and e-commerce platforms. Stack Dusk believes in assisting you in building a strong base in e commerce technical support and e commerce customer support, thereby strengthening your e commerce supporting technologies and ensuring efficient performance of e commerce supporting functions. It is essential in order to boost customer relations through customer care and receive constructive customer feedback; as is undertaken by e-commerce giants like the customer service of Amazon, Flipkart, Clubfactory and others.

The following are the E-commerce support and Account Management services Stack Dusk provides: • Catalogue• Listing • Promotions • Customer support • Order management

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• Catalogue- Stack Dusk undertakes cataloguing best practices. Managing your product data and managing your customers’ needs with consistent product information, can be quite a challenge, however, Stack Dusk is here to make it easy and simple for you.

With an extensive cataloguing library, Stack Dusk provides astounding cataloguing in e-commerce. Stack Dusk, in cataloguing, includes all the details pertaining to a particular product or service. Stack Dusk performs cataloguing and classification, including indexing information, to help the customer decide while purchasing as per their specific needs.

• Listing- Stack Dusk carries out e commerce product listing and listing of services for the customer's ease of access. Stack Dusk carries out data entry of your products as per categories given, thus effectuating e commerce product listing. 

Stack Dusk includes in its listing services, the placing of your product on Amazon, Flipkart, Clubfactory, and other e commerce websites as well.  Stack Dusk uses the input or arrangement of products and services in a template in a chronological order on an online platform as per the requisite specifications, to provide effective listing services.

• Promotions- Stack Dusk provides active promotions, as a means by which the products and services are actively brought to the notice of the customer. Stack Dusk helps you communicate with the public how best your business can benefit them, and how it is the best they can get. 

We reach out to the audience extensively, catching their attention and influencing them such that they are thoroughly impressed by the way your business can impact their lives. We carry out to perfection, the promotional management of your Amazon, Flipkart or Clubfactory account. Stack Dusk leaves no stone unturned in inviting them and giving them reason to choose it over others, through its marketing promotional campaigns.

• Customer support- Through customer support, Stack Dusk provides the customer with features enabling them to avail assistance in addressing their questions and customer queries, grievances, and facilitating their purchases to boost customer satisfaction. Stack Dusk, with its services, offers to help your customers get the most out of your business, and avail assistance in resolving any problems they may face.

Stack Dusk personalises the customer service experience and ensures customers are kept happy, engaged, and loyal, and that the positive as well as critical feedback that they provide is used to further your business growth. With excellent friendly and good-natured individuals as experts in customer support, offering to you a whopping 24-hour service and support, Stack Dusk brings to you the most amazing customer service experience possible.

• Order management- Through order management, Stack Dusk oversees the order management process that is involved in effectuating a purchase, including receiving, organising, tracking, and fulfilling an order, by employing order management best practices. Stack Dusk is adept at keeping track of orders coming in for your business and manages the processes required to finish and fulfil them with proficiency and diligence. We are with you right from receiving an order up to timely and more than satisfactory delivery. 

Stack Dusk supervises and performs throughout, helping you with placement of order by customer, receipt of payment, receipt of order, picking, packing and shipping of the items, and order delivery. We carry out order management efficiently for your Amazon, Flipkart, Clubfactory, and other accounts as well. Stack Dusk makes the order management process smooth and effortless, thus reducing any operational loads or backlogs.